Question Q : Onlyfans

I am invited as a columnist for the QUESTION Q program on the Swiss Romandie la Première radio station. The subject of the show is Onlyfans. Find the podcast of the show:

What is “ONLYFANS” ? The Onlyfans site brings together the ingredients of a recipe that works: money, sex and exclusivity. The principle of Onlyfans is simple. Content creators (of which I am a part) publish videos and photos that “fans” can view for a subscription. In addition, there are tips that the “fans” can distribute at will or so that a message is read as a priority. Most of the posts on Onlyfans reveal the bodies of influencers. Fitness, dancing, wellness tips and – surprisingly – cooking classes, but above all charm, eroticism and porn. The Swame and sites operate on the same principle.


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